General Election is Tuesday November 21st! Every Vote Counts

Meet Collin Larson 

As a dedicated leader, Collin is running for City Council, to make North Salt Lake a better place. Since graduating with a bachelor's degree in Economics from the esteemed University of Utah, Collin has worked as a Financial Analyst, gaining valuable expertise in the use of data to make informed decisions. As a father of two young sons, he is motivated to create a safe and prosperous environment for future generations. Collin's passion for community service is evident through his consistent attendance at the North Salt Lake City Council meetings and his volunteer coaching of soccer for 3-4 year olds in North Salt Lake. He aims to bring transparency to the use of taxes, ensuring residents know how their money is being spent. Join Collin's campaign to build a vibrant and inclusive community together. 

So what's the plan? 

Transparent Taxes

Establish an accessible online platform for citizens to easily access and understand how their taxes are utilized. Conduct regular community meetings to foster open discussions on financial planning and address concerns.

Responsible Financial Planning

 Develop a comprehensive budget plan that prioritizes essential infrastructure, education and public services, while ensuring efficient allocation of taxpayer funds and maintaining long-term financial stability.

Clean Air

Implement practical initiatives in collaboration with environmental agencies to improve air quality, promote clean energy alternatives, and advocate for balanced environmental regulations.

Strong Community

 Enhance public safety through community-oriented strategies, fostering trust between North Salt Lake residents. Supporting programs that celebrate our diversity and provide equal opportunities for all citizens to thrive in North Salt Lake.

Can I Count on Your Donation?

Donations go a long way! 

By donating, you contribute to the implementation of an accessible online platform that ensures transparency in tax usage, promoting accountability and informed financial planning. Your support will also help us advocate for improved air quality and ways for the North Salt Lake community to contribute to a better environment. Furthermore, your contribution will foster a strong and united community through community-oriented strategies and programs that celebrate diversity and provide equal opportunities for all residents. Together, let us build a better future for North Salt Lake based on the shared principles and values that make our community thrive.